Do you ever find it difficult traveling alongside bicyclists in Grand Island, NY? If you're like most drivers, it can make you a little anxious and apprehensive. To become more confident when bicyclists are present, Fuccillo Chevrolet, Inc. has a few recommendations for you.

First, be sure that you give a bicyclist the space needed to navigate the road safely. Remember, because you're driving a car, they are just as concerned about you and perhaps more so. The ownness is on you as a driver to give them the benefit of the doubt and allow them to move freely, even if it's intrusive. Driving below the speed limit when bicyclists are nearby is always recommended. Don't assume just because it's dark outside that bicyclists won't be present in Buffalo, NY. Nighttime bicyclists are possible. And, if one shows up on your road, make your presence known by flashing your high beams or honking your horn. And above all else, obey all bicyclists' road signs!

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